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The three types of contaminants the diver can expect to find are Chemical, Biological and Radiological. At times we intentionally send divers into these environments to carry out work. The presence of these potentially damaging substances leads to a different style of diving, and Works of Diving Hong Kong Co., limited are fully equipped to meet the challenge.

Material Safety Information Sheets of a known contaminant or sampling and analysis of the unknown allow us to examine the properties of the hazards involved. From this evidence we can calculate the level of protection needed by the diver.

Picture left shows our diving hat and neck seal that keeps the diver completely dry during his dive.

The enclosed vulcanized suit, its seals and zip, are also resistant to many chemicals.

More detailed planning and strict on site control are required for this type of diving.

Pictured left is a diver entering a biological treatment tank to replace damaged diffusers.

In this instance the tank can remain in operation during the works.

Wash down facility is essential before the removal of equipment.

Detergents and a stiff brush are used to clean off the suit.

After diving the workers remain on alert for symptoms of illness for some time, as most illnesses caused by microbiological exposure will not develop for hours or even days.

The diver’s annual body check and his overall health and fitness become extremely important factors when diving in the hazardous environment.

The dangers involved with both confined space work and diving into a hazardous environment require detailed Risk Assessment and strict Job Safety Analysis, and the management staff at Works of Diving Hong Kong Co., Ltd are committed to harvesting a policy of SAFETY FIRST.

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